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As a student of the Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM), I believe that the genuine pursuit of excellence begins with myself. In my personal quest for knowledge and culture in my Alma Mater, I pledge to live by the following Standards of Excellence deemed worthy of a CIM student:


In view of what educated physicians must be, I set PERSONAL INTEGRITY as the framework for my learning. This "integrity" stands on good principles and ethical standards, a knowledge of what is morally right and wrong of which I am personally responsible to know, to abide, and to promote for the welfare of others. This personal integrity is fostered by my constant effort to practice virtues in my medical life and in my family and social relations.


In acquiring COMPETENCE and skills, I develop myself to my full potential. This means knowing my field very well and being open to acknowledge and promote the advances of medical sciences and research. And because of LOVE FOR THE TRUTH, I have to nurture my motivation to continually learn and improve myself. This in turn will help me meet the demands of academic training with intellectual honesty.


As I aim to grow and develop professionally, my concern to others also leads me to take care of my PHYSICAL WELL BEING. Without frivolity, my bearing ought to reflect the dignity of the medical profession. In this way I think logically, express myself clearly and inter-relate with all others. Thus with a universal outlook, I keep myself open-minded and big-hearted to foster healthy relations with all men and women of any race or culture.


My dedication to this chosen profession has to be imbued with a strong sense of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY; I have to break the barriers that keep me to myself. Ahead of my personal preferences and self-interests, must come the improvement and to self-fulfillment of others and the common good of the broader community. I will look for ways to ease other pains; to drown evil in a sea of goodness; to dissolve indifference in understanding and to overcome coldness in affection.


The discipline of our training leads us to be the future physicians who practice self-restraint, sound judgment, firmness and fairness in whatever we do. Acting as brothers and sisters within one big academic family under God's loving care I am set to go for the goal of excellence and be the PHYSICIAN WITH A HEART.

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