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Executive Director Update 01/12/2024

From the Executive Director’s Desk

Hello everyone! Here it is, 2024, and I hope your year started with a bang! Our 2024 reunion and annual CME is fast approaching and I’m hoping that by the time you receive this formal invitation, you will have seen our letters and messages on our website and our Facebook page advertising this reunion. We thought we would give y’all advance notice through these venues so you will all be able to prepare and send in your replies at the appropriate times.

I urge you all again to please take heed of all the cut-off dates: JUNE 12 is THE FINAL DATE FOR HOTEL RESERVATIONS. However, as of now, we are only contracted for 38 rooms for July 17, 38 for July 18, 78 for July 19 and 78 for July 20. When those rooms have been reserved, we MAY be able to ask for more but only at a space available basis. So, ayaw mo pagdugaydugay! The earlier you reserve, the better. Hyatt has also been generous enough to give us 3 days before and 3 days after (again on a space available basis) at the same rate. The link is on the bottom of the invitation and in our ASOCIMAI.ORG website. If you notice, there is a place in our website where you can pay for your membership dues ANY TIME. We hope to encourage members to pay their dues whether they come to a reunion or not.

MAY 28 IS THE DATE FOR FINAL PAYMENT OF THE EVENTS AND MEMBERSHIP DUES. 2022 was a banner year for us because everyone paid in advance. Please let us do this all the time now. It made such a difference. We were all able to enjoy ourselves without anyone having to scramble to find seats. We have to give final numbers for the food way in advance so having those numbers prior would save Leni and me a lot of heartburn! We had a bit of a problem in 2023 so we could really see the difference it made to the ease of preparation and the errors that were made which is why this time I made the cut-off date at least 6 weeks earlier.

If any of the Jubilarians from the jubilee years (years ending in 4 and 9) wish to have a souvenir book, please send me your printer- ready page by MAY 15. Have your computer- savvy children, grandchildren or friends do it for you. You can add as many pictures as you want on your page but remember that the more pictures there are, the less clear they will be. Each page should be 8x11 inches. PLEASE SEND IT AS WORD DOCX and NOT as a PDF.

The rest of the details regarding this are in our invitation and in our website: WWW.ASOCIMAI.ORG. The souvenir program and t-shirts are a great fund- raising tool for us. In 2022, we raised enough money to fill our coffers to be able to pay off our debt to

CIM for our scholarship and the maintenance of the bathrooms. Last year however, very few jubilarians stepped up to the plate and although we made a profit on the souvenir program, it was not enough to offset the loss from the events. So, jubilarians and members, we are counting on you! Please consider advertising in the souvenir program! We are also hoping to sell CIM/ASOCIMAI t-shirts to raise more funds.

Lastly, if you know anyone who may be a jubilarian or may be someone who has never been to any of our reunions, please tell them to send me their full name, year graduated, address, phone numbers, and email address so we can update our membership roster.

With affection,


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